Land Plot of 4,84 ha greenfield

17, 1-st line of Moscow Highway
just after city border
Plot 62, Badaevskoe dpt., Shushary, Pushkinskiy District, Saint-Petersburg
Key Features
  • Land plot of total area 4.84 ha (48,405 sq m)
  • Cadastral number: 78:42:151150 1:251
  • Ownership: private (REIT)
  • Greenfield
  • Rectangular shape, plot oriented alongside of Moscow Highway (about 2/3 part is on the 1-st line)
The site is located on the first line of Moscow Highway and 3rd Badaevsky proezd:
  • Moscow Highway is the main traffic way of St. Petersburg on the south (from Moscow)
  • easy access to the city center, Pulkovo International Airport and major industrial areas of the city
  • close to important traffic interchange (Moscow Highway, Vitebskiy Prospect and Ring Highway (KAD))
  • from the center of St. Petersburg - 20 km
  • from the nearest interchange with the Ring Highway (CAD) - 3,5 km
  • from Pulkovo Airport - 10 km
  • from city industrial areas (Obukhovo - 6 km, Rybackoe - 11 km, Preportovaya-2 - 12 km)
High traffic movement of trucks and personal cars - 40 000 cars / day

The plot is located in the zone of the largest industrial area in the south of the city "Shushary".
There is a high density of large plants, warehouses and terminals in the territory restricted by Sofyiskaya Street, Kolpinskoe Motorway and the Moscovskoe Highway.

Shushary Industrial Zone includes 6 sub-zones:
  • Shushary -1 cargo transportation companies
  • Shushary -2 Automobile plants (Toyota, General Motors, Suzuki motors, Foxconn, Scania and MAN)
  • Shushary -3 Facilities of Oktyabrskaya Rail Road, terminals
  • Shushary -4 Small-scale companies of food industry
  • Shushary -5 (near Moscow Highway) Wholesale warehouses, terminals Shushary -6 Logistic and transport companies
There are Lenta hypermarket and DIY K-Rauta right in front of the land plot (across the Moscow Highway).
The plot is adjacent item weighing trucks (STSI).

Transport Accessibility
Automobile Transport
  • Easy access on a way from suburb to the city
  • On a way out of the city it can be accessed with turning at nearest interchange of the Moscow Highway and Ring Highway
  • Current entry to the plot is from the 3rd Badaevsky proezd
Public Transport
  • Railway station Shushary is in a close proximity to the site
  • Subway (metro) station Kupchino is 4 km from the site (metro station Shushary will be opened in 2018 within 2 km)
  • In close proximity to the site is a stop of public land transport (4 lines of bus transport and 12 mini-bus lines)
Engineering Infrastructure of Territory
Power Supply
Available upon request to LENENERGO.
Preliminary assessment of possible technological connection by LENENERGO:
  • 300 meters from the 0.4 kV networks Suburban Electric Networks
  • main source of supply of 35/6 kV Pushkin-North, f.711-10
In addition, there is the ability to connect to other sources:
  • substation Shushary-3 110/10 kV
  • substation of the N210 Lensovetovskaya
Water Supply and Sewage System
The site is connected to the existing water supply and sewage networks of the Industrial Zone Shushary (Vodokanal). Contracts with the limits:
  • Water consumption (drinking water quality) - 50 m3/ day
  • Sewage - 50 m3/ day
There is a possibility to increase limits up to 100 m3/ day (by switching to the looped water pipe network of Toyota Plant)
Guaranteed pressure in place of connection - 18 m
Gas Supply (for Heating)
Available upon request to PeterburgGAS.
It is possible to connect to the existing high-pressure pipelines (gas distribution network of high-pressure gas distribution station South and Highway-2).
Development Potential of the Land
The site is located in the functional zone of all kinds of social and commercial development with the inclusion of residential buildings and engineering infrastructure objects.
In near vicinity of the plot there 2 main functional zones:
  • industrial, transport and logistics area
  • residential area with multi-story buldings (Shushary District)

Types of Permitted Functional Zones and Usage
Shoppng centers, stores
Hotels and apartaments
Exhibition and Fair
Exhibition buildings
Science Parks
Buildings for scientific activity
Office Buildings
Automotive Services
Permitted Functional Zones on Special Conditions (50% of total area to be constructed)
Residential Buildings
Road Services
The main development vector for this territory with high investment activity is formation of industrial-logistic cluster on the main transport route to the very city from suburb and Moscow.
Key drivers for this area development will be transportation projects due the Concept of Transport Infrastructure Development
  • Further reconstruction of the federal highway M-10 "Russia" (Moscow Highway) in the area from Ring Road to the Yam-Izhora
  • Construction of additional access roads to the industrial zone "Shushary" (2023-2028)
  • "Shushary" metro station is 2.5 km from the site ("South", will be opened in 2018)
  • Creation of a transport hub (TPU) at railway station "Shushary" (till 2028)
Competitive Advantages
High investment potential
New industrial and residential projects, transport infrastructure - the opening of a new metro station "Shushary", the prospect of a transport hub "Shushary" within 2-10 yrs.
Location just at the city-suburb border
1-st line of Moscow Highway - ideal for flagship store and showrooms (cars and trucs), reatil park, exhibition complex
Shushary Industriial Park and retail area
Optimal size and shape for any possible function
Mixed-use concepts and various functional usage could be possible for real estate project development
Business Park, Office Center, Logistic& Office Complex, Science Park
Mixed-use Complex
Retail, office and hospitality
Office Buildings
Business center
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